Off-Page SEO

Website success depends on more than just proper key elements being applied directly to the site itself. Off-site optimization is also important, being the second half of a total optimization package. If everything on your website is operating at optimal performance, but it is not being effectively shared and advertised then your product or service will not be seen by the masses.

Following is a list of some of the main off-site optimization techniques applied by experts to ensure your web presence is maximized.

Industry Specific Directory Submissions – Many people turn to directories to find specific products or services so submitting your industry specific website to such sources can drive a lot of traffic to your site. Besides, search engine crawlers use such submissions to increase website ranking.

Forum and Blog Promotion – Adding forums or blogs to websites help them rise in search engine ranking because they add new and precise information on a regular basis. However, if your forum or blog is not advertised and promoted, fewer people will know about it.

Social Media Profiles Maintenance – Social media pages for business purposes are much different than those used as actual social gathering sites and special attention must be given to profile development. Search engine protocol must be utilized when building social media profiles the same as with websites in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Social Bookmarking – Whenever a link is shared with others, it’s known as social bookmarking. When it comes to business use, social bookmarking creates a category-specific list of informational links that are useful for customers as well as pleasing to search engines.

Articles Writing and Article Submission – One leg of online marketing is the writing and submitting of short articles that provide business and brand information. Such articles reach a previously untapped audience and draw them to your site.

Press Releases Writing and Submission – Press releases provide news updates on various aspects of business. Submitting press releases every time a new event occurs helps to draw people to your site.

Video Promotion – Videos add another depth of effectiveness to your online marketing campaign. Videos provide a wealth of information about your business and brand in an easy to understand and concise method. Optimizing videos and then promoting them work well for adding new potential customers to your website. is highly experienced in off-site optimization. Our team of experts will both optimize your off-site material and ensure that it gets distributed to places with the highest potential for drawing new visitors to your website.